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The Backwoods Brew website has a down-home feel to it, like you have just entered a small community in the country and could encounter the Waltons at any minute. As would be appropriate for a country store, Backwoods Brew does not limit their sales to just e-juice.

I am not sure how this makes me feel. On an unsophisticated day, this would seem authentic. After reading numerous other e-juice and e-cig websites, it sure makes a change from sharp, soulless advertising. Still, should I be able to peruse Avon products and atomizers on the same site? This stretches things a little.

One Feature You Don’t See All The Time

On occasion, which seems to be towards the end of the week, you may see this message:

BackWoods Brew Is Closed

…and sure enough, if you go to place an order when you see this message, you will see this:

Backwoods Brew Is Currently Closed


Not something you see every day, kind of cool!

Backwoods Brew Review: The Juice

The real reason you visit BB is to buy their juice. They are not mass market producers but could be compared with artisan beer brewers, giving their name a ring of truth. Flavors come about organically.

That is, as they brew one flavor, they end up with something else, or by combining two or three they invent a new taste. Like microbreweries, this creates limited-edition flavors and new ideas in small batches. They also carry a list of brews sold regularly.

Also similar to microbreweries, they run out of e-juice. You might enter their website and discover they have reached capacity. Come back in a few days to find out if they are back in action. You would not choose Backwoods Brew as a location for emergency supplies unless you wanted atomizers and e-juice dripping items, which are typically available on the site at low prices.

Some Flavors

Malty Toffee is an intriguing name on the e-juice list, as was blueberry banana and O’Julius. Their description was fitting as O’Julius truly would take me back to childhood, though I wonder if that would leave me feeling conflicted as I vaped.

A 15ml bottle of, say, Casablanca tobacco (similar to Turkish tobacco and steeped 14 days) costs $9.00. Upping the amount to 30ml is better value at a cost of $16.50.

We’ve tried a couple of their tobacco flavors, and they are unique, are pretty good! These guys somehow seem to get a nice, original flavor, such as how Halo does with their tobacco sampler. From the flavors we have tried, they are good and definitely worth a shot!



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