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What an odd name for an e juice company. Am I to understand that they are selling legal e juice, or perhaps hallucinogenic products? Why else would anyone have an alien vision while vaping?

Alien Visions E Juice Review

One thing I can say for certain: the people who developed names for Alien Visions E Juice do not take themselves too seriously. I think customers are meant to laugh out loud when they glance at the name “Big Willie’s Custard.”

Considering the company name, I was expecting a twist on my idea of custard; say the addition of liquor. Big Willie apparently makes custard that tastes like vanilla plus butterscotch or caramel, which proves I can over think these matters.

You will like the way e juice pages are laid out. When they describe a flavor, there are notes about how long to steep before using the juice, which really affects taste. A description of the throat hit is included and details of what is in it (VG, PG, or a combination ratio). A long review tells you a lot more about what you can expect from the flavor. You also know where it is from. Big Willie calls Indiana home.

Names of e juices at Alien Visions E Juice are generally fun, and just to be different they rate products out of 11 instead of ten. This is how some juices got more than 10 points to my utter confusion at first.

Varieties get their points from user perceptions of throat hit, after taste, vapor production, and flavor. This makes choosing a product based on what you want out of e juice simple, except that personal taste is so varied.

For example, Boba’s County mirrors a fine wine in its complexity. Depending on how long it steeps, Boba’s County could taste like vanilla, chocolate, or solid tobacco. On the net, Alien Visions’s attention to authentic flavor ensures their popularity.



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