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Want to know a surprising fact? When you read review tables for the most popular brands of electronic cigarette in the cigalike category, 777 (or Triple Seven) E Cig has been in the top ten on numerous sites for a while. They might not have what it takes to beat V2 Cigs and Halo, but this brand has come out of nowhere to vie for consumers’ attention and receives great reviews. Their line includes cigalikes, eGos, and a mod, all of them featured in this 777 E Cig review. If the website gives you trouble, persevere. It needs professional attention.

777 essentials kitStandard Starter Kit

This is the basic, easy-to-use e cig; the one a lot of new vapers purchase after they discover how tasty and convenient one time use disposable electronic cigarettes are. A Mini Kit provides a stepping stone into the territory of rechargeable devices costing $19.95. The USB charger, two refills, and one rechargeable battery, however, supply only a taste of what’s to come.

An Essentials Kit is step two at $49.95, but not the best “step-two” you might take. The only thing holding this kit back from being just right is the single battery supplied: cigalikes do not give you the necessary power for a one-battery package because they have to be recharged every few hours.

If you decide to buy this kit anyway, pick up the long battery for 3 or 4 hours of vaping per charge (380 mAh, about 350 puffs). Other items include 10 cartomizers, a USB charger, and both a wall and a car adapter. Batteries come in automatic or manual format. Manual batteries do not remain on standby all the time ready for you to puff on them so they last longer than automatic devices after every charge and in terms of long-term battery life.

The Deluxe Kit for $10 more provides two batteries and supplies better value, but a Deluxe Kit for $89.95 contains 15 cartomizers and a case besides the other equipment mentioned above. An Ultimate Kit gives you a third battery, 10 further cartomizers for a total of 25, and a PCC for $129.95. Couples Kits are excellent for vaping pairs. Cartomizers for standard 777 E Cig batteries cost $8.95 for packages of five in lots of yummy flavors.

Package prices and contents are excellent at 777 E Cig. While you pay $10 more for the two-battery kit than at a lot of other places, you get a car adapter, 10 cartridges (some supply just 5), and a choice of color and battery format.

Swarovski batteriesFor Ladies

The Swarovski batteries at 777 E Cig are truly brilliant items, different from other ladies’ kits like the ones at Vapor Couture. They really shine. Women might also want to select Swarovski or rhinestone cases plus cases in solid pink. Matching cartomizers are available. A Ladies’ Kit costs $69.95.

Level Two

The Bullet is a 320-mAh battery that connects to a 1.3-ml display. Kits for this large-format cigalike battery cost from $39.95. Choose one of two kits with liquid and one of two kits without liquid; a 1-, 2-, or a 3-battery kit. There are regular tanks for $4.95 and funky LED tanks that light up. They make stunning gifts for veteran vapers who think they have seen everything.

Magnum and Mod

The Magnum is 777’s eGo series for use with e liquid and tanks, but it pales by comparison with the M1. Pay $99.95 for a variable voltage, variable wattage device capable of 3 to 6 volts and 6 to 16 watts.

It works with an 800-mAh or a 1600-mAh battery, either of which is supplied with the kit according to your choice. The M1 is protected against common threats like low voltage, reverse battery, and overcharge and the atomizer is protected against potential short circuit.

Disposable Classics

Triple Seven sells disposable e cigars for $12.95 but it is their wide selection of disposable e cigs that will really catch the consumer’s imagination. Instead of just menthol and tobacco, they offer a menu of fruits and sweets that are delectable and enticing. Try Apple Martini, Georgia Peach, Coffee, Melon Paradise, or Raging Sevens. Tobacco and Menthol are still supplied too, of course.

777 e juiceE Liquid

A 15-ml bottle of e liquid costs $7.95 or $8.95 and comes in volumes of up to 2.4% nicotine. Select Gold 7, Traditional, Classic, or RY7; 777 Blend Caramel, Bubble Gum, Menthol, or Apple. Choose Apple Caramel Tobacco, Chocolate, or Chocolate Banana. Select Cherry, Straight Caramel, or Coffee. Each flavor is bottled in glass with a built-in dropper.

I have just one difficulty recommending these flavors: 777 E Cig does not tell you where they come from and how they are made. There is no mention of USP or kosher ingredients, a vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio, what production conditions are like (an FDA-approved lab, for example), or where ingredients are sourced. In all likelihood, these are Chinese juices.

Supplying the Goods

Vaporfi overshadows a lot of other e cig companies with their huge selection of e cigs and e juice flavors, but it is worth remembering that theirs is not the only show in town. 777, of Burbank California, supplies four e cig options.

They carry accessories such as tanks and batteries ($19.95 for cigalikes which is high, but there are 3 sizes). Refer a friend and earn more points to your rewards account. There is still ample choice here and although the website could do with a serious overhaul, Triple Seven is worth looking at.



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