Research Studies On E Cigarettes

When some new technology comes onto the market, there are always skeptics. They think they are being bamboozled; that there must be a downside. What are the dangers? When it comes to e cigs, there is good reason to be wary. Lives are potentially at stake.

V2 Cigs Cherry FlavorStudies into E-Liquid Are Needed

Right now, a lot is unknown about the potential dangers of e-liquid. Consumers sometimes report side effects resulting from ingredients in e cigarettes, possibly propylene glycol, but also other ingredients. Certain forms of vegetable glycerin are thought to be toxic or to contain contaminants which are unsuitable for people with nut allergies.

Food dyes can irritate vapers. Propylene glycol has caused allergic reactions in some consumers. Artificial ingredients (sweeteners and other flavorings) are linked to other disturbing reactions.

How Dangerous Is Nicotine?

Scientists are also interested in the relationship between nicotine and ill health. There is disagreement about how dangerous nicotine is, although it is a known stimulant; an addictive drug. Even small amounts of nicotine can cause one to experience palpitations, nausea, and a headache. It might take a few days or a few years to notice severe side effects from consuming nicotine which could eventually lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Kanger TanksMaterials of an E Cig

Meanwhile, there is concern about the method used to inhale e-liquid, or more specifically, materials used to carry and heat it. Are toxins released via the heating process? Scientists need to devise ways of studying every element of the industry at the same time that they try to evaluate and quantify their findings for the public.

What Studies have Already Occurred?

Some studies have already proven that toxins are present in e-liquid vapor. There aren’t 4,000 of them; maybe fewer than 10 or perhaps as many as 100. This is just a fraction of a percent of what one inhales as a smoker or second-hand smoker, but the public still needs to know what the risks are.

Second-hand vaping is the issue most prominent in the public eye, thanks to a report by WHO. They recommend that vaping be banned indoors until scientists can prove without doubt that vapor from e cigs is not harmful to the lungs of bystanders.

MarketPlace Figures

Statistics are also showing trends in the marketplace, such as how many cigarettes are purchased versus the number of e cigarettes, what age groups are using them, how much the market has grown, and so on. A disturbing trend is on the rise among middle school students, many of who have already tried e cigs. There are fears (and evidence) to suggest that e cig use leads to many students taking up smoking. The reverse appears to be true of older vapers who use e cigs to give up cigarettes.

A Curious Question

Is there a difference in the intensity of a toxin’s properties or the allergenic properties of a product when it is inhaled as vapor instead of ingested? This is another interesting question. Will propylene glycol or any other substance linked to e cigarettes do more damage as vapor than it would if you ate it?

Final Words

Until more research has been done into the potential harm and possible good e cigarettes can lead to in the vaping community and among second-hand vapers, society will be leery of them. Controversy around them is not unjustified: this is new technology.

Researchers took decades to arrive at conclusive evidence linking cigarettes to a variety of diseases in smokers, second-hand smokers, and fetuses. One cannot expect the scientific community to know what they are dealing with in e cigs so soon. Until then, advice and opinions from the World Health Organization, Smoking Cessation groups, vapers, government agencies, and doctors will continue to fuel disagreement.

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