Marketing E Cigs In Movies

Movies tell stories and present characters. They excite and move audiences. Movies make you laugh, cry, scream, and think. They also sell products. Just think of car chase movies selling the Mini, Audi, Volkswagen, or BMW.

Remember how many times you saw someone holding a cup of Starbuck’s Coffee or a can of coke? Producers and directors must find ways to insert advertising into various shots a minimum number of times so as to secure funding for their efforts. What place is there for the e cig in movies?

Already Starting

Viewers have seen characters holding vaping devices more than once on the big and little screen, although they might have had to look closely. There are times when e cigs replace cigarettes where one should be seen smoking if the camera angle is just right to disguise what an actor is doing. E cigs are excellent props for stories set in the modern day or the past; versatile props that can be used to protect actors who don’t want to light up a real cigarette, even once. Vaping on film is still in the early stages so there are lots of possibilities.

Movie Trends

In recent cinematic or television productions you might have noticed something was missing, an article you were used to seeing but which, being gone, you couldn’t call to mind. That article was a cigarette. Actors often smoked on screen or at least held a lit cigarette.

What happened to cigarettes? They became too unpopular and notorious for producers to accept their presence in any but the grittiest screenplays. Lots of people still smoke, but cigarettes are not as acceptable with audiences as they once were.

In their place, one will often see a cup of coffee. Consumers can spend as much in a day on fancy coffees as they did on cigarettes, caffeine replacing nicotine, but coffee is acceptable. Now that e cigs are familiar to consumers, there is a chance that coffee will once again be replaced by e cigs.

Films Where You Won’t See Them

Science fiction movies might depict vaping in some form, but not the way we see it now. They were once just a futuristic possibility, but now that everyone knows what they are, e cigs would not be fantastic enough for science fiction. Super heroes will never be depicted vaping. They should not have vices and vapers are still addicted either to nicotine or to the action of smoking.

Will E Cig Become Part of the Writing?

Electronic cigarettes have worked their way into scripts already. Characters fool one another by vaping instead of smoking and discussions arise out of this mix up. They are more likely, however, to wind up as part of the dialogue in reality TV shows, perhaps the fancy e cigs used by rich housewives or socialites.

Regular people will probably be vaping ordinary e cigs that don’t stand out in quite the same way. It’s unlikely anyone will write a TV movie about the controversy around e cigs, but when writers return to this era while scripting scenes set in the past, that is where debate will return in screenplay form.

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