List Of E Cig Brands, Manufacturers And Vape Stores

Here’s a list of the websites for all the electronic cigarette companies we’ve reviewed, including brands, manufacturers and vape shops, both online and brick and mortar.

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E Cig Companies: Brands, Manufacturers And Vape Shops

E cig marketers and designers are important to their industry, creating brands, logos, and an image for their companies. Manufacturers do the hands-on work building e cigs from drawings by designers. Vape shops take delivery of these e cigs and market them over the internet or in brick-and-mortar shops. Every one of these players is important, so let’s get to know them better.

V2 Electronic CigaretteE Cigs

The brands you know are the ones you use: V2 Cigs, Halo, Innokin, White Cloud, JoyeTech, etc. It’s a pretty long list and you could spend a day just jotting down names in alphabetical order if you were so inclined. The ones you know best have a few things in common.

One is their marketing prowess. These are the companies that create compelling ads for the TV or internet. Their affiliates are busy and successful. Brand forums are busy or they inspire a lot of discussion on e cig forums.

A second common factor is that these are the best devices. They behave as they are supposed to and only a fraction of batteries are returned DOA. Thirdly, they are different in some important way, offering an unusual shape, great e liquid flavors, extra features their audience craves, or they cross over to sell products like herbal vaporizers and personal vaporizers.


Most of the biggest names in this industry come from cigalike companies: they market products to brand new vapers. These consumers have never tried e cigs before and have recently decided to quit smoking. V2 Cigs, Halo, Cigavette, Green Smoke, and South Beach Smoke: these are 5 of the best and they are all American companies.

Their brands are American but are all manufactured in China. If you thought they were made in the United States, you were probably deceived by the absence of this information or by their US e-juice (Halo Purity e liquid is highly popular, top-shelf juice).

The fact is they are mostly made in the same place as Innokin, JoyeTech, Kanger, and SmokTech: China. Most e cig products are manufactured in factories located in the city of Shenzhen which has become the world’s e cig capital. Innokin et al are also reliable and popular brands if you are used to vaping 650-mAh eGo cigs and bigger rather than tiny cigalikes.

No matter what you think or hope, almost every e cig in the world right now was manufactured in China. Most exceptions are mechanical mods which are almost too advanced to be viewed as e cigs at all.

Vape Shops

All the hard work has been done by R&D, factories, shipping companies, etc., or so you think. Vape shops take a big risk too. They have entered an industry that has reached a perilous position of uncertainty.

Will this field be untenably restricted by the FDA? Will most companies (especially e liquid businesses) be able to continue into 2015 or will they have to wind up operations and call it a day? If they have to stop blending e liquid, this will take much of the fun and selection out of a vape shop’s stock, especially brick-and-mortar stores with vapor lounges. These form an important part of the vaping community and sometimes a controversial one.

Although such businesses can do so much for vapers, giving them access to knowledge and a chance to try things without buying blindly, they can also damage the reputation of vape shops. This is particularly true of the cliquish environments where new vapers are looked down on; where there appears to be an unofficial maximum age limit (about 29), and where the style of vapers is more important than the value of their custom.

But most e cig shops make up for this kind of snobbishness by offering down-to-earth service and an inclusive environment. Prices at these shops are typically more expensive than those you find online. It’s the same old story: the cost of running an online store is higher than that of running a real shop with lighting, employees, a gallery, security, and more.

Just as a point to be aware of, most vape shops do not carry cigalikes. This is not to deter new vapers from entering their premises. Store owners feel beginners would be just as well off with eGos as they are with cigalikes, better even. Although cigalikes feel and look like cigarettes, they are frustrating and limit the vaper from enjoying a half or whole day of vaping on a single battery charge and all the many juice flavors available.


Companies like V2 Cigs, Eonsmoke, VaporFi, and others are varying their product lineup, crossing into the market for APVs and/or vaporizers. You will find it’s true more often now than ever: e cig companies sell a mixture of these products from their websites.

V2 Cigs, for instance, carries regular cigalikes, slightly larger ones, and a 3-in-1 vaporizer which accepts herbal, essential oil, and e liquid cartridges. VaporFi introduces their Orbit vaporizer this month and also plan to launch a new APV. They already have e cigs for very new vapers and those with a bit more experience.

Innokin carries a couple of thin, small cigarette-like devices but is best known for their MVP, Cool Fire, and other large, powerful APVs. JoyeTech’s 510 series is much like a cigalike, but their eVic is the most famous JoyeTech product. Kanger’s popularity is, in large part, due to the Aerotank and Protank, but also their Evod batteries and clearomizers.

Wrapping Up

What can we expect for the future of e cig brands? I think there will be fewer of them when regulations take full effect. Companies that fail to meet protocol and standards will fall away and that’s perhaps how it should be.

Big firms will become bigger. That goes for V2 Cigs, VaporFi, Halo, and others that have already taken a huge chunk of the market. Innokin and other Chinese brands with such good reputations and low prices can’t fail to remain strong and grow stronger. A few more companies will emerge from the US in spite of the difficulty of matching Chinese prices.