Joyetech eGo Electronic Cigarette

The Joye eGo is an upgraded e-cigarette battery that is usually the next step for people after they decided they’re going to stick with vaping. It has a couple features that you don’t get with a standard e-cig, such as much longer battery life, and you can use a tank system.

We’ve used a couple Joyetech eGo models, and they were a huge jump in battery life, and vapor production, and we were reasonably happy with them.

Although, there are much better batteries of this nature – and they are made by Vapor Zone.

Read the review on the above link.  This brand launched at Xmas of 2013 and their batteries (tank style, mods, etc) BLOW eGo and similar batteries out of the water.  You’ll really like what you see, and to boot, you can make your own e-juice!  (Blend together multiple flavors and more – it’s a must see!) 

At the same time, there are a couple factors with these we aren’t crazy about.

Joyetech eGo Starter KitCons

First off, you can’t buy directly from Joyetech, who’s based in China. You need to find someone who carries them, and make sure they aren’t selling knock-offs.

After that, some of the packaging wasn’t up too par, such as mispellings in the manual, and on the actual box the kit came in, and you will even find obvious grammatical errors on their main site, which we felt was a bit sloppy.

On top of that, we’ve ordered a kit from one vendor who we don’t need to name, but initially they didn’t send exactly what came with the kit in the picture, and they clearly replaced one part with their own, and it seemed like they hoped we wouldn’t notice, but we sure did, being a review site and all.

They have a basic elementary entry level product that works, and if that is what you’re looking for, then by all means check them out.

Iridescent Halo Triton BatteryHere’s our Solution:

Look no further than the Halo Triton.

This thing is a beast, and a beautiful one at that. Have a look at their color selection!

Just look at their iridescent model for one of the coolest colors ever ———->

The battery is just as powerful as a Joye eGo, and they have super sharp aesthetics, and a very cool tank delivery system.

Plus their e-juice is made in the U.S.A., and they are based right in New Jersey.

Check out their site at

There’s also a new brand by the same great people who make South Beach Smoke and Ever Smoke brands, which are widely considered top ten brands for traditional KR808D model e-cigs.  The new brand is called VaporZone.  They make an advanced battery that is going to give the Triton a run for their money.  Offering eGo type models and even more advanced – the variable voltage e-cigarettes, this brand is for the most discerning of vapor smokers.

Check out the new Vapor Zone review and see their very unique offer. It’s also worth nothing they will mix you your own custom e-liquid flavors upon request!