HUVr Board By Huvrtech – Like in Back To The Future – INSANE!!!

This thing looks like it could be an utter game changer. This may not be electronic cigarette news, but we were so blown away by this concept, we had to create a post about it.

Check out this video with Christopher Lloyd from the movie Back To The Future in their teaser video, along with Tony Hawk, the skate board legend, being blown away.

This is also backed by Mark Cuban if that is indicative of this being real, since it seems rather impossible,

but check it out:


The Jury is Out

Major publications are having a field day with this. Interestingly, you can see 2 articles by CNET indexed in Yahoo:

Yahoo HUVr results


Though when you click on the top CNET article, you are redirected to the bottom one, which says ‘this will blow your mind‘, appearing as if even they aren’t quite sure, and thus having jumped the gun, created a redirect on the first article claiming they know it is fake. also seems positive it is a hoax, and The Washington Times is sure it is a prank, as two examples of probably thousands now.


Matbe it is a hoax, or a marketing campaign, I did see there are some new sneakers coming out, as well as a new Back To The Future movie. In this case a lot of fans are gonna be pretty pissed off, as many are quoting how ‘they have wanted one of these since 1989’.

Other sites like Slash Gear don’t seem quite as definitive in what they think it is, though it seems most major publications are airing on the side of caution in assuming it is fake, of course so they don’t look like an idiot :)

Here’s a quick video I made since I didn’t see anyone talking about it:

Now, here is a Facebook post from the HUVr Facebook page, where they are upholding that it is real:

HUVrtech Facebook Post

And so, I’m not sure. It would be pretty awesome, and then, it is hard to believe.

They’ve gotten everyone going, that’s for sure, whether to hype up an actual HUVr Board, a movie, or a new pair of Nike’s, everyone will be watching now :)

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