V2 Cola Review | V2 Cigs E Cigarette Liquids

If you drink soda, you’ll probably want to check out V2’s Cola flavor.

While it’s in “limited edition,” we’re insiders, and we know they aren’t getting rid of it any time soon.

V2 ColaWhy not?

Because a little birdie tells us that this flavor literally flies off the shelves every time they send an email promotion for it. It’s a taste that soda drinkers will relate to right away, but some people who dislike soda may not feel the same way.

As drinkers of tons of soda (hey we have to stay awake to keep up with the e-cigarette news and continue to update the world via this website) we like the V2 Cola flavor.

The color of the cartridge is the same color as all the popular cola’s out there. I’m sure you can read between the lines.

Cola is sold in 0 mg of nicotine up to 1.8%.

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