Best E-Liquid Flavors

E cigarette juice (or e-liquid) can make or break the deal when looking up different brands. Just like with tobacco cigarettes, e-smokers all like different flavors.

E Cig JuiceYou should consider trying a couple out to find that sweet spot of which flavor(s) you like best.

A majority of people when they try out electronic cigarettes (or vaping) for the first time look for something as close to a real cigarette as possible.

Our top pick for the closest to a real cigarette is V2 Red, which you can try as a disposable, or with a rechargeable battery in a starter kit.

Our top pick for Menthol is South Beach Smoke.

These two, as either a disposable or rechargeable also resemble a tobacco cigarette in look and feel, as well as taste of course.

Then after starting to enjoy vaping, people often try out various flavors, and may even move into refilling their own e cigs, and eventually start looking into some of the e cig mods etc.

If you are looking for an incredible selection of e-cig liquids, you’ll want to check out VaporFi. They have 30,000 possible blends, as you can mix your own.

Official website:

There are tons of flavors. Past the standard tobacco and menthol flavors, there are all kinds of dessert flavors also, and we recommend trying some. They are great after a meal with coffee!

Here’s Some Of Our Top Picks:

V2 Cigs Red available at

Halo Tribeca available at

South Beach Smoke Menthol available at

Halo Kringle’s Curse (Peppermint) available at

Green Smoke Vanilla available at

Bull Smoke Turkish Tobacco available at

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