E-Cigs 101

When starting out with electronic cigarettes there are a ton of options and it can be pretty overwhelming.

“What if I am brand new and just want to try a decent electronic cigarette, rather than learning about it right now?

Just tell me what to do, I don’t want to think!”

Our recommendation:

Step 1: head over to v2cigs.com and buy a kit for $35-$60 (either the basic or standard).

Pick either tobacco or menthol, or a dessert or fruity flavor if you like.

Enter our coupon code SAVENOW for 15% off your starter kit at checkout and save some money :)

Step 2: (if you want to try one ASAP).

Now that you have your V2 kit ordered, head out to a gas station or convenience store, and pick one of these off this list.

Listed in order of our favorites (not all will be available, which is why we’ve listed a few):

1. V2

2. South Beach Smoke



5. Blu

6. Fin

7. Logic

(you should find one of those at your local store, and they are all decent – of course the first ones are our picks for the best ones).


Some Basics Of Vapor Cigarettes:

V2 Cigs DisposableDisposables:

To just give e cigs a try, these are a great easy way to see how they are. You can just try out an electronic cigarette, as well as test out a few different brands. You can buy certain brands in your local gas stations, Walmart etc., and you can also buy them online.

Here’s some disposables we recommend that you can buy online. Be sure to try out 1-2 of these before making a decision about e-cigs if all you’ve had are the gas station varieties such as Logic or Blu.

The main thing about these is that they are not rechargeable. You’ll want to consider a rechargeable electronic cigarette if you continue to use it over time, as that will be much cheaper.

The easiest way to get started with this if you know little or nothing about these is to get a starter kit. Here’s a couple starter kits we recommend.

Each Standard E-Cig Has A Cartridge And Battery

Essentially, the colored part that looks like a filter is the cartridge (alco called a cartomizer), and the other part is the battery, which is rechargeable in most cases.

The cartridge has the flavor in it, and typically you will get pre-filled flavor cartridges. (That’s all you really need to know in the beginning about the parts of the e cig).

E-Cig BatteriesBasic Ecigs with Cartridges:

The next things will be to decide on a brand, as well as the set up.

Typically, rechargeable e cigs come with a battery and a cartridge, also called a cartomizer. These are the ones that look like a real cigarette.

You’ll need the battery and cartridge, and you’re good to go.

Charging Batteries:

E-Cig ChargerThese will be rechargeable batteries, so you’ll need a charger. (One thing to think of is that you’ll want two batteries so you’re not down when the battery needs a charge).

For chargers, there are USB plugs, USB wall chargers, car chargers, and portable charging cases.
Most of those should be self explanatory, and the portable charging case gets charged, and it will be able to charge a couple batteries before it needs a charge. It also holds a couple batteries, and a few cartridges.

There are also different battery sizes, and colors to choose from, as you can see pictured to the right.

Power Cigs:

There are Power Cigs, available from companies like Green Smoke, V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke that are connected to a USB with a cord, and they are only activated when plugged in  and when you vape, as opposed to being charged, so they are ready immediately if you just want to plug into your laptop, or if your battery dies.

Should I get a Starter Kit?

South Beach Smoke KitStarter kits come with all the basics, and then you can add on accessories, and the prices range from around $25-$200.

A basic kit will have a battery, USB adapter and a couple cartridges.

A maxed-out kit will come with 3 or so batteries, and everything else, with a bunch of cartridges, a Power Cig, portable charging case, carrying case, some have lanyards, and some have extras such as a kit by Vapor Couture has a clutch with it.

What’s The Best Way To Save Money?
E Cig Juice

If you’re looking for the biggest savings, refilling your own e cig with e liquid is going to be the way to go.

A number of brands offer e cig juice for the DIYers out there, and you’re looking at less than $1 a day for heavy vaping!

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