Vaporfi is not another new brand of e cigarette but a change in name only. What once said “Vapor Zone” will now transform into “Vapor Fi”: signs, packaging, the website, reviews, and social media posts. It takes some time to get used to a new name, but Vaporfi has a certain ring to it.

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VaporFi BannerVaporfi Fundamentals

In every respect, Vaporfi is the same as Vapor Zone, the only difference being that the CEO wanted to reflect his company’s way of thinking and doing things. The Express cigalike looked and acts like a true cigarette, but the suffix “fi” (as in “fidelity”) in their name points this out more emphatically.

Vapor production, tobacco and menthol flavors, the weight and dimensions of their e cig had always been intended to produce an authentic alternative to cigarettes. Vaporfi’s bigger products are true to the brand and customers: truly well made and backed by excellent customer service standards.

Changes to Vapor Zone

When a company goes through such a major change, there is usually some kind of celebration, such as the launch of a new product or an amazing deal. Vaporfi did use this opportunity to launch their Orbit herbal vaporizer, but there hasn’t been a lot of fanfare.

They did not decide to offer bottles of e juice with their starter kits for a limited time or cartomizers with their Express Kits. Perhaps their brick-and-mortar stores have done some fun things to mark the change, but in the world of internet shopping it’s business as usual. That’s a bit disappointing.

Vaporfi: the Same Old Vapor Zone

So, essentially, Vaporfi is the same old Vapor Zone customers are well acquainted with and that’s no bad thing. Vaporfi’s place on the e cig “best of” charts is high and with good reason. They offer a stunning selection of products; supermodels of electronic cigarette design and ingenuity. While not perfect, they are affordable and easy to use. Customers particularly love the Rebel, their electronic mod.

Rebellious E Cig

Vapor Zone rebelled against the regular notion of e cig brands when they created their line of products. Now that time has passed and water has flowed under the bridge since they opened, consumers have taken for granted that e cig companies did not routinely offer mini, intermediate e cigs, and mods in a single catalogue.

We expected variable voltage devices bearing LED screens to come from China such as the Innokin iTaste lineup. Apollo’s VTube and Volcano’s LavaTube are both excellent bolt-shaped devices which also overturned the idea of what an electronic cigarette could do, but if they broke the mold VaporFi crushed the mold into tiny pieces.

Their Rebel is telescopic for starters and can be used with little 600-mAh batteries or big 2600-mAh batteries. Consumers who haven’t yet reached the point of exploring big mods might wonder why consumers bother with small when they can have big power, or vice versa: why own a heavy device that everyone’s going to stare at.

With either extreme there is a pro and a con. Small batteries possess less obvious profiles and make users less self-conscious. From an eGo to a 600-mAh mod is a small step, but from an eGo to a giant 2600-mAh device is a big change.

That big change, however, brings with it the advantage of phenomenal power. If you think mini cigs are alright but not incredible, eGos seemed like a gift. Then you tried something like a VV V3.0 by Innokin and that was amazing, but you had no idea what awaited you in the mod department.

The Rebel is uncomplicated: easy enough, say reviewers, for even a relative newcomer to operate without much difficulty. With that huge battery, however, huge plumes of vapor can be produced. Throat hit is adjustable. All types of e liquids can be enjoyably vaped and vaped to their full potential.

With the option to set voltage, the user can make his vapor very warm, but that’s not ideal with every style of e juice. Some are smoother at lower voltage, so he can set the voltage lower. By adjusting the resistance of an atomizer, he adjusts his preferences to an even greater degree.

Vaporfi e liquidsVaporfi E Liquid Revolution

In changing to Vaporfi, Vapor Zone could not have wrought much change in their e liquid department. They already sell the biggest potential selection of e liquids: more than 30,000 possible combinations.

While that’s great for those with refillable tanks, it would have been nice to see the company launch at least one new flavor of pre-filled cartomizer and perhaps run a sale (which would eventually become a permanently reduced price) on packages of 5. At $14.99, they are among the more expensive parcels of refills, and with only 5 flavors, terribly limited.

But one gets the feeling that Vapor Zone began with an audience of e liquid connoisseurs in mind; people who would use tanks and clearomizers fairly soon after trying cigalikes. As Vaporfi, they have reinforced their position by opening more stores: loads in Florida and one or two each in New Jersey, Maryland, and other states. Some of these vape stores are vapor lounges. You’ll walk into a room full of aromatic plumes reminiscent of vanilla, Amaretto, lime, strawberries: all kinds of luscious flavors.

Herbal Vaporizer

As Vaporfi, it was also time to compete with V2 Cigs with their herbal vaporizer and also with vaporizer manufacturers advertising the greater authenticity of vaporized tobacco leaves vs. e liquid. Vaporizers are promoted as safer than cigarettes if not entirely safe. They appeal to an audience that wants the flavor of real tobacco and isn’t concerned about reducing nicotine.

V2 Cigs chose to go with a high-tech 3-in-1 model for herbs, concentrates, and e liquids. Vaporfi’s move is more traditional and focused on the ex-smoker still. Whereas the V2 Pro Series 3-in-1 Vaporizer is a pen, the Orbit is a handheld unit resembling the Eon Falcon and a Pax by Ploom. I wonder if Vaporfi will sell herbs now too but am not hopeful of there being thousands of possible flavors. Only e liquid is that flexible.