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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes 2014

Let’s face it, we all love saving money.  At V2Cigs.com, you can save a ridiculous amount of cash (30-50%) on starter kits and accessories simply by using these never-expiring V2 coupons.

As an independent electronic cigarette review site, we often get contacted by reps from various e-cig brands to post items on this site about sales, promotions, and new product launches.They sell product, we save YOU money. It’s a win-win!

In the 4th quarter of 2013, the team at V2cigs was so impressed with my thorough coverage of the industry that they have provided my readers non-expiring coupon codes to save YOU money on all purchases.

v2cigs 15% OFF Starter Kits
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v2cigs 10% OFF Everything
Use V2 Cigs Coupon Code:


These discount codes NEVER EXPIRE.  And best of all…..

The V2 Coupon Codes can be used when they offer a storewide sale.

Often times V2 offers 15% (or more) off EVERYTHING for a short period of time.  I can remember stocking up on products during their Labor Day Sale, and ended up saving 40% on kits and 35% off everything else.  So essentially, if you time it right, the codes above are 40-50% off V2 starter kits and 30-40% off all other V2 Cigs products if you time it right.  But if not, 10-15% off discounts aren’t too shabby either.

That’s a huge savings with the V2 Cigs coupon code, so please click through the icons above as they automatically update to the current “Best” savings deal.  Share this page and tell your friends.

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Here’s how it works:

Use the V2 Cigs coupon code “save” to save 10% off ANY purchase on their official site:


If you are buying starter kits, V2 has given us an even larger coupon code, “SaveNow” – which will save you 15% off ANY starter kit (even the Ultimate) at: v2cigs.com


Just so it’s big and bold, for anyone who may not have great vision, here is a recap of the coupons:

V2 Cigs 10% Coupon Code:  Save = 10% off cartridges and accessories

V2 Cigs 15% Coupon Code:  SaveNow = 15% off starter kits

It’s actually easier if you just click below – so here is the auto-updating chart once again.

v2cigs 15% OFF Starter Kits
Use V2 Cigs Coupon Code:

v2cigs 10% OFF Everything
Use V2 Cigs Coupon Code:

Ways To Save Money With V2 Cigs

The experienced vaping public agrees that buying cigalikes is a waste of money, or that cigalikes are more expensive than eGos, at least. Regardless of cost, many consumers prefer these types of devices because they are light, discrete, and comfortingly similar to analogs, but there are ways to continue vaping with V2 Cigs and save money. Here are some suggestions.

Buy a Couples Kit

You do not have to submit a copy of your marriage certificate to purchase a Couples Kit from V2 Cigs. When you buy this package, it comes with the contents of two Standard Kits, the value of which would be about $165 purchased one at a time.

As an individual, you will use all of the pieces in this kit one way or another: to have a spare battery in the car, at a friend’s house, or for the day when your first pair of batteries runs out of juice completely.

The 20 cartomizers will not take long to run through, and chargers have a way of going missing. They don’t last forever either. Save about $45 buy purchasing the Couples Kit.

V2 Blank clearomizersFill in the Blanks

The price of a milliliter of e-liquid in a pre-filled cartomizer is at least $1.24, even if you buy them in bulk.

Buy e juice in bottles, filling blank clearomizers instead, and the price is vastly reduced.

A 25-ml bottle costs $17.59 or 70 cents per/ml. A 50-ml bottle costs $31.08 or 62 cents per/ml. Bottles of Zig Zag e-liquid, measuring 60 ml, cost $34.02: that is, 57 cents per/ml.

Buy in Bulk

You don’t just buy sugar in bulk to save money: cartomizers in large packages save you several dollars. Each 5-pack is priced $10.33.

Select a package of as many as 80 cartomizers at one time and V2 Cigs even lets you select up to 4 flavors. The price for 80 cartomizers is $124.48 which equals $6.22 per pack of 5 or $1.24 per cartomizer.

V4 FreeVape4Free with V2

You might not be able to vape entirely for free by joining this program, but a lot of products will ring up at “$0.00” when you have been collecting rewards points for a while.

There are 4 ways to earn points:

  • Refer new customers who go on to place a minimum order and earn 250 points.
  • Subscribe to the V2 Cigs newsletter for 50 points.
  • Write and post an approved review for 10 points.
  • Finally, buy more things to receive 1 point for every dollar you spend.

Just by purchasing a Standard Starter Kit at $62.22 and doing the other three things, you earn about 900 points which amounts to $90 in V2 Cigs money to spend at the store. Every 10 points is the equivalent of $1. You know what you can do with $90.

But there is more. As a member of Vape4Free, you can become a club member at one of three levels. At each level, your savings multiply so you receive discounts of up to 15%, free gifts, and possibly free 3-day shipping. It doesn’t hurt to become a loyal V2 Cigs shopper.

v2cigs.comCompany Review

If you are in any way interested in electronic cigarettes or have tried them already, V2 Cigs is not a foreign name.

This is one of the top selling, highest-profile brands in the smokeless cigarette market. With headquarters and distributors in 6 countries, they dominate the market.

But who are they and what are their products? Is V2 the same as Vapor Couture? What are the pros and cons of buying goods from V2 Cigs?

Sister Company

Vapor Couture is the sister company of V2 Cigs, an offshoot aimed at female vapers. Both of these products were created and are marketed by VMR Products. Unfortunately, there are not many similarities between the brands so if you really like the look of Vapor Couture but the flavors of V2, they cannot be interchanged.

V2 Cigs in Brief

A mini cig by V2 is a two-part device. It contains an atomized flavor cartridge that screws onto a battery. The two items together are supposed to simulate the length, circumference, and weight of a regular cigarette, and although this is not exactly true, V2 Cigs gives it a good shot.

In fact, many clients were drawn to the brand because of the way their products look and feel so much like the real thing with their orange LED “flame” and white/yellow color scheme. They do not produce smoke and are not made with tar or toxins, yet an electronic cigarette by V2 has helped many individuals in the United Kingdom, United States, and other parts of the world quit smoking.

Several companies produce only pre-filled cartridges so if you like the brand, you have to stick with their flavors. This is fine if their battery power and vapor production are met with equally positive flavors. If not, you are stuck or you have to switch. Companies are wise to offer blanks, but also the e-liquid to fill them with.

V2 Cigs sells both of these items: cartomizers (atomized cartridges) in 10 flavors plus bottles of e-liquid for blank cartridges (the V2 brand and the recent addition of 6 Zig-Zag flavors). They can also be used with EX blanks, which have recently been released to match EX batteries, a larger size of battery for the V2 Cigs brand.

Another benefit of shopping with V2 is that they offer consumers the opportunity to create a flavor and have it added to cartomizers. These customizable products come in batches of 100 at a time but they are exactly the flavor blend you desire, regardless of what crazy or traditional concoction you imagine.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits

When consumers first meet V2 Cigs, they do so in one of two ways: by purchasing a disposable product from a 7-11 or similar convenience store; or by visiting the V2 Cigs website. Many review pages will lead you to V2 because their corporate and affiliate marketers are so good at promoting the company with banners and coupon codes.

V2 Cigs has created several starter kits, including a really basic one featuring just a USB cigarette and cartomizers. Right away you could be introduced to one of the handiest innovations in smokeless smoking: the power cig.

V2 Power Cig

This device does not run off of a battery but uses power provided constantly and consistently from any USB source. If you are using a device with a USB port, such as your laptop or some gaming console, the cord is long enough on a V2 power cig to stretch a decent distance so you can keep vaping until the cartomizer runs out or your battery has recharged.

The other starter kits are bigger. They contain one or two batteries (as many as three), 5 to 25 cartomizers, and various charging devices. You could buy one with a USB alone, a USB charger and AC wall adaptor, a car adaptor, or a PCC (portable charging case).

V2 Charging Case

This is a device that you charge using a USB power source. When charged, it becomes a charger in its own right. Consumers who do a lot of traveling and are frequently away from a power outlet love this item because they can charge one battery, use the other, and store a number of cartomizers at the same time.

The six starter kits include the Power Cig option for $24.95, followed by a Beginner’s Kit for $34.95. It is a one-battery item with a USB charger, disposable e-cig, and six cartridges. This one takes some weighing up in comparison to many other offerings.

It is the most expensive kit of its kind, yet other companies provide just two cartomizers and no disposable e-cig. Their prices are far lower for a one-battery item, but they are lighter too. Like other similar kits, you only get two choices of cartridges: tobacco or menthol and 1.8% nicotine. Consumers have to make a personal choice.

Next is a Standard Kit with two batteries, 10 cartomizers, a USB charger, and the wall adaptor.

Standard Starter Kit

Select one flavor or two (in two packages of 5) in the nicotine strength you are most comfortable with. The Standard Plus contains these items plus a portable charging case. Pay $62.22 for the basic, $103.73 for the Plus.

A Couples Kit is something you will see replicated elsewhere but V2 Cigs charges a little more and does not add extras as others do. It is comprised of two Standard packages for $119.30: a little less than double.

Finally, an Ultimate Kit has been reduced $40 to $155.62.

V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

It contains almost everything V2 Cigs sells. That includes three batteries, 5 packages of 5 cartomizers (meaning you have 5 flavor/nicotine choices), an XL portable charging case, a carry case, wall adaptor, car adaptor, USB charger, a power cigarette, and a lanyard.

Those prices all include a manual, are shipped free domestically, come with a lifetime warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Also, if you get the impression these are expensive packages, remember they are not the same price as you would pay when purchasing a USB, a wall adaptor a few weeks later, an extra battery in two months, and so on. You pay less to buy more in one package.

Here’s Some HD Images Of Their Nice Products:

 Ex Batteries

V2 Cigs EX Battery Package

V2's EX Batteries

These are V2’s most powerful batteries. They are slightly bigger than standard sized batteries, and are extra powerful. These have a great life to them, and produce nice vapor. They are 280 mAh and operate at 4.8 volts!

Drip Tips

V2 Cigs Drip Tips

These are an awesome addition if you want to simplify refilling your e-cig with V2 e-liquid. You can see a quick demo of the drip tips here.

V2 Mini Tanks (EX Blanks)

V2 tanks

These Ex Blanks are awesome! They are mini tanks and so you can enjoy using a tank system on a standard sized battery, we love these!

Anyways, you’ll save a ton of money over time using these V2 promo codes, and as aforementioned, they have no expiration, so you can always use them. We chose a couple that we thought would be easy to remember.


v2cigs 15% OFF Starter Kits
Use V2 Cigs Coupon Code:

v2cigs 10% OFF Everything
Use V2 Cigs Coupon Code:



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