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If you are familiar with South Beach Smoke, then you already know what to expect from their sister company, Eversmoke. They are BBB-accredited and compete well with the other e cig manufacturers in the electronic mini cig market.

Selection of Starter Kits

The Basic Starter Kit, costing $49.99, is a gem. You get 5 cartomizers, two batteries, a USB charger, and wall adaptor inside a magnetic box. This is an excellent price when you consider how well the batteries last. Also, Eversmoke provides consumers the choice between automatic and manual batteries.

For an Express containing just a single battery, $29.99 is too much to pay. Otherwise, their several kits are competitively priced, such as the Couples’ Kit, which is two basic packages plus two car adaptors. This is an inexpensive way to obtain extra parts like batteries and chargers.

Customers might consider their power cig (which works straight off of a USB port) as a kind of starter cig. All you need is a cartridge, and you are ready to try vaping. Flavors are okay.

A Look at Batteries

This Eversmoke review has to single out the batteries, which appear to be pretty strong for their classification. You get around 250 puffs out of a standard battery: or 350 puffs from a high capacity KR808D. They aren’t coated in 12 possible colors; just classy stainless steel, glossy black, or cigarette-paper white. Their power and vapor production impress.


I am never happy about having to buy 5 or more disposable e-cigs at a time. They should come in singles, but shipping for a single disposable would be pretty outrageous. At Eversmoke, if you buy 15 at once they are reasonably priced, but a pack of 5 costs $49.99: roughly $10 each. Only Classic Tobacco and Menthol are available in 1.8% nicotine.


Eversmoke runs a program that pays existing clients for referring their friends if their friends order products. Clients receive $25 for each referral plus a 10% discount on their next order. Their friends receive 10% for a first order. This is clever marketing.


Vapers are also able to make a bit of cash by selling Eversmoke products as affiliates. They receive 25% per order, a percentage that rises as their volume of sales grows. This 25% is a lifetime residual figure. As a two-tier system, when you set someone else up as an affiliate, each sale she makes nets you 5%.

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