VaporFi Pulse

The VaporZone Pulse is one of their products in their super sharp line of advanced personal vaporizers. Here’s a quick video of what’s inside the kit.

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Comparisons between vaping devices sometimes sound like a discussion of popular art. Certain electronic cigarettes have a steam punk feel to them; others are easy-going and uninspired, like elevator music. The Vapor Zone Pulse lends futuristic style to the industry with its novel circular charger.

A Vapor Zone Pulse Review

Here is what you receive in a Pulse Starter Kit for $119.99:

• 2 650mAh batteries
• 2 Premium Cartomizers
• USB charger
• Wall adapter
• Circular charger

Pulse Kit

Tanks hold 2.5mls of e-liquid and the atomizer provides 2.6 to 3.2ohms of resistance. Aside from Premium Cartomizers, one can also use a Pro-L, Pro-XL, Platinum, Titan, Tank, Premium, or Clear Tank with the Pulse. This is wonderful if you are switching from one Vapor Zone device to another.

Circular Charger

Your charger is also a battery base. The battery fits in a center hole which allows you to stand it up. A black LED screen shows how the battery is coming along in black numbering. If for some reason you break the circular charger or just want another one for a second location, it costs $19.99 and comes with a charger and wall adapter.

Pulse Charging

Replacement Tanks

As stated above, the Pulse is compatible with other vaping tanks by Vapor Zone which also provides an assorted price range. Clear Tanks are the cheapest at $9.99, but they do not hold as much liquid as a Titan tank, for example, which is priced $19.99 (the same price as a Tank). Platinum Clearos cost $24.99, but a Pro-XL is priced $17.99. The Pro-L is $3 less for budget-minded individuals.

Reasons to Pick Up the Pulse

The primary reason you will be drawn to this e-cig is the look of it. If a friend saw your electronic cigarette resting in its charger and did not know what it was, he might believe you were into NASA rocket models. That is what it will make you think of. Whereas the Pro comes in colors, this one is a sleek and simple black and steel device.

Another reason to buy a Vapor Zone Pulse is that customer response to the product is positive overall. Most consumers who have tried it are not just satisfied but highly pleased, enough to submit all kinds of reviews besides the ones you see on the Vapor Zone website (which have the appearance of an honest selection by the way, judging by some of the negative opinions they have shared).

When it comes to negative feedback, Vapor Zone is not shy about engaging with customers. Those posts are followed-up quickly by helpful customer service responses.

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