VaporFi Pro

In this VaporFi Pro review, you will see that you don’t have to be a pro to skip from mini cigs up to another level of vaping. The name makes this device sound complicated, but it is very easy to use while providing more vapor than a Vapor Fi Express.

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The Vapor Fi Pro Starter Kit

Vapor Fi hosts separate headings for black and colored Pro kits, but they cost the same.

VaporZone Pro Kit

For $49.99, customers receive a single 3.7-volt battery, 650mAh, which is about as slim as an Express but a little bit longer. A Pro arrives with a Pro-XL Cartomizer, wall adapter and charger, three extra atomizers, plus a manual and membership card. Cartomizers hold 1.5mls of liquid (about 50% more than an Express carto.) A mouthpiece is also supplied.

How to Use

Essentially, a Pro acts like a manual version of the Express. Just press the button to get vapor warming and take a puff. For refills choose the Pro-XL, Titan, Tank, Platinum, Premium, or a Vapor Zone Clear, all of which fit perfectly with the Pro.

Replacement Parts

Each atomizer costs $14.99, which means those enclose (4 including the one in your e cig) cost almost $60 on their own. This tells you prices for individual pieces are too high, but also that a starter kit is excellent value.

Pro batteries are priced $24.99 no matter the color you choose. Buy batteries and cartomizers in black, white, or stainless steel to be discrete. Colors are pink, yellow, purple, red, blue, green, and orange. Because they are sold separately, you can mix and match battery and cartomizer colors.

Pay $14.99 for a Premium Tank; $9.99 for a Clear. The Pro-L is $14.99. Add $3 for the extra-large version. Platinum tanks are priced $24.99, but for $5 less you could pick up a Tank or a Titan.

Why Buy A Vapor Zone Pro?

Here are three reasons to buy the Vapor Zone Pro:

• Affordability
• Appealing looks
• Great reviews

Although there are definitely issues with over-pricing in this industry, and Vapor Fi is no less guilty than anyone else, the Pro compares well against other starter kits of a similar size. The single battery might sound inadequate for the price, but those three atomizers are worthwhile for anyone who wants an uncomplicated e-cig of greater power than an introductory model.

Being slim but long, the feel is not too different from that of a mini cig. Customers who bought the Pro say the vapor is great.

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