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How experienced a vaper are you? Is this your first time purchasing an electronic cigarette? Have you tried vaping on a mini cig and chosen to upgrade to a 350mAh battery or better?

Maybe you are simply curious about what awaits you as your vaping experience progresses. The great thing about Vapor Fi is that you can start with their basic kit and continue vaping with them right up until you become an experienced non-smoker.

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VaporFi has an excellent line of starter kits, from the basic cigalike kit, all the way to their Rebel, which is an advanced vaporizer with all the bells and whistles, and everything in between, with a couple of tank systems with eGo style batteries.

Pick a Vapor Fi Starter Kit

Vapor Fi makes six types of electronic cigarettes and a starter kit for each one. The Express is your basic cigalike, the kind that resembles analogs but gets rid of the toxins associated with cigarettes. Your kit contains two batteries, a charger, and an adapter.

Vapor Zone Express Kit

Advanced E-Cigs and Tanks

The next kits don’t look like real cigarettes. A Pro in black or a colorful shade is similar to an eGo battery with an EVOD tank. Also, you can replace the atomizer, which you cannot do with an Express. That means a tiny bit of maintenance, which you will gladly offer when you see yourself enjoying 650mAh (several hours) of battery power as opposed to the limited power of an Express battery.

VaporZone Pro Kit

An Air e-cig is unusually shaped: flattened even. Battery, tank, mouthpiece: they all defy the usual cylindrical shape of an electronic cigarette to provide a midway point between the Pro and Express e-cigs. Enjoy 350mAh of battery power. The kit contains a mouthpiece, cartomizer, charger, adapter, and one battery.

This is a very sleek and unique e-cig, nothing like we have seen, which demonstrates how cutting edge Vaporfi is with their product line:

Vapor Zone Air Kit

Once you get to the Jet, you are ready for something a bit more intense: a vaping pen that shows you how many puffs you have taken on a tiny screen. Like the Air, it is an unusual shape. Vaporfi has provided the traditional tank with a triangular battery, leaving enough room at the base for a decent-sized LED screen.

This also shows how much power your 650mAh battery has left. The kit contains two extra atomizer replacements.

Vaporzone Jet Kit

The last two Vaporfi starter kits take your vaping experience even further beyond the Express starting point.

A Pulse comes with two 650mAh batteries and three chargers: the wall adapter, USB, and a circular charger that acts as a stand as well. Two clearomizers are also loaded into your kit.

VaporZone Pulse Kit

With the Rebel, you have reached experienced status. This mechanical mod allows the user to take full control, even to the point of setting voltage on his device.

VaporZone Rebel Kit

A Reminder

The price range of between $30 for the Express and $180 for a Rebel marks a VaporFi starter kit at any level as an affordable option. Remember, though, to buy e-liquid with your kit as it is not always supplied, although keep an eye on their site, as we have seen some deals where you can get a free bottle of e-juice with your order.

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