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If you had to take a survey of which company offered the biggest variety of e cig starter kits, V2 Cigs would take a place somewhere at the top. They carry both their traditional-sized battery kits and EX Series e cig packages, boosting their total to 10 customizable bundles.

Take a look below and find your V2 Cigs Starter Kit. (For more advanced vaping, V2 has also launched the first of their line of vape pens).

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Starter Kits for the New E Smoker

A starter kit is not like a beginner’s smoking package. It is not designed to introduce a non-smoker to e cigs in preference to smoking regular cigs with their harmful chemicals.

Anyone who is suspicious of the nature of starter kits should notice that warnings embedded into the V2 Cigs website indicate their products are not for underage consumers, pregnant or lactating women, or as quit-smoking devices.

They do sometimes act as smoking cessation kits since individuals can wean off of nicotine using their products over time, but they are not sold under this guise.

V2 markets kits to get you switched over from cigarettes to electronic smoking with the least amount of fuss possible.

Forget about which parts you will need or which batteries to try — just take what comes. Later, when you decide accessories will be helpful, simply update the kit.

Choose A V2 Cigs Starter Kit:

For Newbies

New vapers are sometimes referred to as newbies or “noobs.” V2 Cigs refers to new vapers as “beginners” and gives them their own starter kit. This package costs $34.95 and is the most affordable package in their line.

V2 Beginner's Kit

Notice the website does not try to rope you in by showing a higher price with a line through it: the price is what you see, not the supposed savings.

Included in this kit is one disposable e cig, six cartridges of menthol or Red tobacco (1.8% nicotine), a standard automatic battery (it heats vapor as you puff), and an express USB adaptor. V2 chose these flavors because they are the most popular among their customers.

Before you get upset and say that V2 Cigs charges too much for a 1-battery package, look again and consider this: most other brands offer just 2 cartomizers and a USB charger to go with that battery. The V2 Cigs Beginners Kit contains 6 cartomizers and a disposable one time use e cig as well. The disposable alone is good for up to 400 puffs. As you would expect, the only flavors on offer are tobacco and menthol, but there is more choice with the next products.

High Standards

With the next kit in price you pay nearly double and receive a lot more choice. There are ten flavor cartridges from the full range. Select a color of battery and its size: standard, the Shorty, or long. Colors are blue, pink, white, black, and grey. Elect to go with manual batteries (you press a button to create vapor) or automatic. The kit provides you with a wall adaptor and smart charger.

The recently released Standard Plus Kit gives you one thing the Standard is missing: a portable charger. It is the same in every other way. Pay a bit more and get a lanyard and power-cig with the Ultimate Starter Kit (see below).

3 Standard Kit Choices

There are three Standard kits: one regular, a Standard Plus, and the Standard E-Liquid Kit. They range in price from $62.22 to $103.75. You choose whether to use a manual or an automatic battery and which of several colors you like best.

The cheapest is a 10-cartomizer, 2-battery package with the USB and AC wall adapter, which are referred to as a charging kit.


Standard Kit

V2 E-Cig Starter Kit

Select any one or two of 10 flavors (3 tobaccos, 3 menthol/mint, and 4 gourmet types), unless you upgrade the Standard kit to an EX Series kit where just the first 6 are made available and the price is higher. A Standard E-Liquid Kit comes with 2 bottles of e-liquid in one or two of 12 flavors, 2 batteries, and 3 blanks plus the charging kit. Select the Standard Plus for the addition of a PCC to the regular Standard package.

On the other hand, buy a power-cig when you are ready to add to the pieces you have already collected, or buy it before choosing a kit to decide if you like the V2 brand:

V2 Power Cig


The Ultimate in V2 Excellence

With the Ultimate Kit, you receive almost everything in the V2 catalogue at your disposal.

Ultimate Kit

V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

This includes the charging kit, an XL PCC, and a car charging adapter. This package comes complete with a lanyard, a carry case, and a power cig (the kind you plug into your laptop and use as a pass-through battery). The power cig (or USB cig) is sold separately at V2 Cigs as well. An Ultimate Kit also contains 25 cartomizers.

More than a Standard Pair

Although couples do not always agree, they can buy the Couples Kit (a double of the Standard Kit) and be of one mind that purchasing the pair is a good idea financially. After all, buying two of them separately would cost about $165, but a Couples Kit is priced about $120. The two parties don’t even have to vape the same e-liquid. It’s all very civilized and practical.

Final Kits

The other kits not listed so far are just upgrades from the existing lineup which contain EX Series batteries and cartomizers. Neither article is compatible with traditional V2 Cigs batteries and cartomizers, so the kit has to be adapted and will cost more as a result.

The four EX bundles cost from $82.97 to $186.75. Although they only come with 6 possible cartomizer flavors, those cartomizers last twice as long as traditional V2 cartomizers. By purchasing EX blanks and filling these with e-liquid instead, consumers double their choices to include cherry, cola, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and grape besides three types of tobacco and three mint or menthol flavors.

V2 Cigs - V2 EX Cartridges - TANKARTOMIZER!

Pioneers in a new field are often joined by so many other brands you forget how important they were at the start. This is especially true if the pioneer fails to keep up with the times or listen to its customers.

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new products, at least as far as mainstream sales are concerned. Smokers are now using them openly with less indignation and more recognition from the non-smoking public that would happily call a by-law enforcement officer on any other occasion. V2 has been popular for a couple of years and continues to go with the flow — of vapor that is.

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More Stuff

Once you have a package together, things are going to run out or wear out. Your cartridges need to be replaced, so you can opt for refillable or pre-loaded ones.

There are limited editions to keep an eye out for. Recent changes to blank cartridges make them more reliable than early editions thanks to comments from customers and business people who listen.

Look through their full selection at their site:


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