Halo Triton Tank System

If you read our original overall review of the Halo Cigs brand, you’ll know how impressed we are with not only their product quality, but also the overall sheer volume of starter kits they offer.

Halo Cigs Triton Starter KitToday we’re going to delve into the Halo Cigs Triton Starter kit, which features the popular tank system e-cigarette batteries.

If you havent’ heard of the tank system, more commonly called just “tanks,” they are the bigger, bulkier versions of electronic cigarettes that few brands offer.  They are very popular with hobbyists who really enjoy trying all sorts of non-traditional e-juice.

The way we recommend you get started smoking electronic cigarettes is buying one of our top 5 recommendations, all featuring the KR808 battery which simply screws into a pre-filled cartridge.  However, if you find yourself an adventurous person or you already know your way around the more traditional brands and want something that’s an absolute vapor beast, you may want to get involved in the growing trend, which is using a ‘tank’ battery.

It’s not a secret that these batteries are absolute vapor BEASTS.  They put out vapor on a higher level than the traditional e-cig batteries, which is a huge plus if you are ever in a debate with someone over who has the most powerful e-cig.

Triton Battery and Variable Voltage BatteryIf Want A Serious BEAST

Halo offers an upgraded variable voltage battery as an option for the Triton.

Pictured to the right is the VV battery next to the standard 400 mAh battery.

Check out our review of the variable voltage Triton battery here.

Cons of Triton Tank Systems

The con’s aren’t really cons as much as they are annoyances, in our experience, but in all fairness here they are:

  • Tanks are bulky and big.  They don’t resemble a cigarette and people often ask questions about it.  They sort of make you feel out of place, except for obviously in the comfort of your own home.
  • You have to constantly replace the atomizer.
  • You have to refill the e-liquid cartridges.

In our minds, if this is the route you want to go, great.  Our hats are off to you. There are many types of e-liquid you can fill your Triton tank with, so you’ll have access to flavors galore.  You won’t find these anywhere outside of hobby shops or online for the most part, so you’ve already done the hard part and found the best e-cigarette tank, and that’s the Halo Cigs Triton.

Halo Triton Iridescent BatteriesYou can get the Triton Tank System Starter kits with any of the below color batteries:

  • Deep Purple
  • Emerald Green
  • Electric Lime
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Titanium
  • Mocha
  • Iridescence (our favorite and pictured here)
  • Jet Black
  • Princess Pink
  • Demon Red
  • Midnight Blue

You get to choose two batteries with each starter kit.  You can select a 400 MAH or a 650 MAH power.

You get two crystal clear tanks.  You get a “cone” which is essentially where you draw from.

Also included in all Halo Cigs kits are all charging devices and a carrying case.

All of this SHOULD be priced around $149 when you compare to other brands.  But, they have this priced very low, at $64.95.  This represents one of the best values for a tank system in the whole business, and remember, you can buy Halo Cigs Liquid or you can use the liquid of your choice with this beast of a battery. Either way, your getting the most powerful battery in a stylish look and feel.

You can’t go wrong with this if you are looking for  a JoyeTech eGo or similar device.

Buy this at HaloCigs.com and thank us later.