Green Smoke

The entire website for Green Smoke is suggestive of dedication to green smoking, the environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary cigs. There is definitely scientific support for this assertion, but you do not have to be a scientist to agree with Green Smoke. You just have to compare the clean white puffy nimbus you blow out while e smoking to the grey, morbid looking cloud emitted thanks to regular smoking.

Not only are you reducing toxic emission by switching over, but you also cut down on the toxins you consume. Moreover, unless you buy disposables, your carbon footprint reduces in size thanks to choosing rechargeable batteries and reusable cigarettes.

Deciding with Disposables

When you are not sure about the brand you want to purchase, disposable e cigs help to narrow down the choices. Buy a pack of Green Smoke disposables just to get started. Once you are hooked, look to their starter kits and commit to a cleaner smoking experience.

Green Smoke KitStarter Kits

To make your e smoking experience as economical as possible, think about where you smoke and how often. This will help you to choose between starter kits. Choices are the Pro, Ultimate, Express, and Essentials. The Lovebirds Kit for couples is the equivalent of two Pros.

A chart compares each kit according to how much of each item the package contains. First you read the section for cartomizers. With an Essentials package customers receive the absolute minimum: two cartomizers equaling three packs of old-style cigarettes. This comparison is made in each case. Ten cartomizers (contained in the Pro and Ultimate kits respectively) equal 15 packs. Five cartomizers in the Express offer the same as 7.5 packs of vaporized nicotine and flavor.

Next item on the list is batteries. You will receive one rechargeable item with either the Express or Essentials Kit. This rises to 2 batteries in an Ultimate, and three for the Pro.

Every kit contains a Constant Power Cig except for Essentials. This is a cigarette which plugs right into a USB port so you can smoke at the computer without worrying about a battery charge. As long as your computer is running and the cartridge is full, your smoking experience can go on and on.

You need a USB charger as a bear minimum, as is the case in the basic kit. Nothing else on the list is included with an Essential Kit. An Express also includes a wall adaptor, and then that one is finished.

The Pro and Ultimate both contain car adaptors, used for smoking while you drive. One last thing comes with the Ultimate Kit, a leather carry case for your cigarettes and gear. According to Green Smoke, a Pro is the best value.

Flavors of Green Smoke

Do you wonder what green smoke tastes like?

In the case of this Green Smoke, you choose. Select a tobacco flavor similar to what you used to smoke or Menthol Ice if you preferred a minty smoke. Specialty selections are Vanilla Dreams, Mountain Clove, Mocha Mist, and Smooth Chocolate. Choose from this list or order a variety pack and try them all.