Best E Cigarette Starter Kits

When you first choose to make a positive change for your health and environment by giving up regular cigarettes for e cigs, you have to wonder about the cost difference. Technology can be expensive, especially if there is a good chance it will be surpassed soon or if the initial outlay is considerable.

E cigs use electronic technology to make an improvement to the health of smokers and the people who inhale their second-hand smoke, but the refreshing news is that the cost is lower than smoking old-fashioned products. At least, it can be if you buy a starter kit.

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V2 Beginner's KitChoosing a Starter Kit

Before you select a starter kit, try electronic cigs your friends are using, or buy a disposable version from each of three or four manufacturers. There is one important difference between disposables and ordinary e cigs: they are made to be used until they run out of power and/or juice and then thrown away.

When you buy a rechargeable, refillable item, you need parts. Purchasing each one separately will cost you a lot more than if you bought them as a kit. Parts include a USB adaptor, wall charger, at least one battery (often two), flavor cartridges, and the two-part cigarette. A starter kit offers you a package deal: all these goods at a discount.

Do not let price be the most important deciding factor when you look for items, especially if you remain undecided about the brand you want. Sometimes a higher price is attached because of membership benefits, an extra-powerful battery, or some other aspect pertaining to quality. You could, however, just pay for looks.

Then there is the flavor which is one of the most important aspects for many vapors, as that can make or break it.

Starter Kit Varieties

One company, Halo, sells starter kits which are all the same bar one exception: color. You select a color you like and the sizes of two batteries. Otherwise, there are no kits with more accessories than another.

Other firms, like Bull Smoke and V2, vary their selection so you can buy a basic version, a deluxe version, or an even more fantastic collection of bits. You have to have the wall charger, adaptor, cigarette, flavor cartridges, and battery or batteries.

After that, there are items like a power cig which plugs right into your USB, battery free. A case might or might not come with the kit. Do not expect items like a car adaptor or lanyard to be included unless you opt for a large starter kit. If you decide to stick with a brand, those items can be purchased separately.

Our Recomendations

There are a few kits that stand out to us, kits we consider the best of the best.

The runaway leader being the V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter kit.  

This kit has everything you could ask for in an e-cig smoking experience, and then some.

As the leading e-cig brand out there, and our recommendation due to the size of the brand, the availability of accessories, and the sheer quality of the product, this kit is built like a high-end product you would buy at a major retailer like Target or Costco.  It’s packaging is insane, it’s products unique, and the ability to customize every aspect of the order is something that no other brand can match.

Here is what makes the Ultimate Kit so special:

Currently priced at $149.95.  (Don’t let that scare you – we have a 15% off coupon for you!)

  • 5 packs of cartridges.  This gives you 25 cartridges to use at your convenience.  Select the ones you want.  Mix and match.
  • 3 batteries of your choice of size and color.  Again, mix and match if you wish!
  • You get a carrying case and a charging case.  Customize at your leisure!
  • Accessories – you get the full monty here:  1 v2 charger kit, 1 car adapter, 1 power cig, and 1 lanyard.

This is the most complete and customizable kit out there.  You can build it on the fly on their official website.

Available at

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V2 Ultimate Starter Kit


Green Smoke

We love their Pro Kit, which is a great deal, and excellent product! Theirs are of the longest lasting ‘standard sized batteries.

 Available at for $99.97

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Green Smoke Pro E-Cig Kit



Bull Smoke

You can’t beat the prices of Bull Smoke starter kits.

You get everything pictured below for under $30, which is crazy!

Available at

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Bull Smoke City Slicker Kit


Vapor Fi

For upgraded e cigs/mods

Pictured below is one example of their types of kits.

Available at

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Vaporzone Jet Kit