Stardust Clearomizer Review

Writers just love the Stardust Clearomizer. Maybe almost everyone likes it for its construction and price. You can’t be too choosy when buying a tank for $4.95 or expect the same kind of quality you would get from a $40 Pyrex tank. Yet, customers are so happy they are bubbling over about the Stardust.

Stardust Clearomizer Review

For the V2 Clear DC tank, you will pay around $5 for just one or buy a 5-pack when they are available, which is cheaper by a few cents. Since shipping is not usually free, the best thing to do is buy a pack and wait until you are also purchasing juice, atomizer heads, or batteries. That way it won’t cost $12 for your $5 clearomizer.

A CE4 is likely more expensive and works with Joye eGo cigs. Your clearomizer can be taken apart and the atomizer rebuilt so you receive anything from 1.8ohm to 4.0ohm resistance.

Plenty of Availability

Lots of vendors are selling this product since the price is good and the product is popular. You will find them in stock at several online stores, and also at a lot of physical electronic cigarette or vapor shops. There are 7 colors available and it is easy to fill your tank.

Though it is threaded for eGo batteries, use it with an adaptor and it works with a Lambo, VMAX, Silver Bullet, and more. Stardust is made by Vision, so it fits best with Vision drip tips and other accessories that can be chosen to match your tank colors.

The tank is sealed at the mouthpiece and the bottom so leakage should not be an issue when you vape with a Stardust.

Liquid for the Stardust

At some e liquid shops, the owners are careful to point out that particular juices are not good for certain atomizers or tank materials. Some are too viscous or acidic for your Stardust.