Joye eGo Twist

The Joye eGo Twist looks pretty close to a typical eGo battery, but has a variable voltage feature. This can take things to a whole new level with your vaping, with refining your vapor quality using an advanced vaporizer.

It has a small dial down the bottom that allows you to adjust the voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, and that is a BIG difference! More than one of our review team started coughing with the Twist turned up to 8 volts when taking a regular pull, so if you like a good hit of vape, with the option to turn it way down, this may be the e-cig mod for you.

It is interchangeable with 510 and eGo threads also, so you can just get the battery and use your 510 or eGo cartomizers, tanks or atomizers.

Halo also makes a Triton variable voltage battery, which is essentially the same thing, though they only have a 900 mAh battery, where with the Twist, you can also get a 650 or on up.