E-Cigarette Drip Tips

Drip Tips are the ideal accessory for anyone who is using e-liquids (we recommend Vapor Zone).   With awesome drip tips, you can easily refill your cartridges.  It’s as easy as attaching a drip tip to the mouth-end of your cartomizer (sans battery) and simply drip 15-20 drops of any e-liquid into the hole of the drip tip and it will fill the blank cartridge with e-juice.

Then, re-attach it to your battery and you are all set to go!

The latest drip tips are available in many styles.  Aluminum, rubber, and ceramic.  You can get them individually or in three packs.  There are many types out there, like the 510 drip tips that many people seem to use.

The best drip tips are the ones of the brand you use (of the battery, that is) – this way you know you are using a compatible product.

Whenever you go off the beaten path, you are risking the drip tip not fitting snuggly on the battery, so keep that in mind.