Celebrities And E Cigs

For several years, the profile of e cigs has been building, helped in no small part by celebrities who have taken to this pastime in preference to smoking. They vape more openly than they smoked and do so in front of the camera, sometimes as part of a movie or TV scene, and sometimes while conducting interviews or during candid shots.

Rise of the E-Cig

Where did celebrity interest in e cigs get its start? Many people argue that it began when Katherine Heigl became interested in them and brazenly vaped while participating in the Letterman Show. Letterman was so impressed he tried it too, giving credibility to e cigs for the benefit of an impressionable audience keen to copy the behaviors of their favorite stars. She is still caught on camera from time to time vaping from a cigarette-like device. It is said that she had an e cig from the Smoke Stik brand, and Smoke Stik couldn’t keep up with supply for some time.

Jenny McCarthy and BluCig

She isn’t as much a poster child for e cigs as was the case a year or more ago, when BluCig and e cigs more generally were still under the FDA radar. Now she has either withdrawn or BluCig has changed its advertising emphasis. One thing is certain: McCarthy added glamour and, again, loaned weight to the notion that e cigs could one day become as familiar as cigarettes, but far more acceptable.

The Feminine Allure

It’s long been suspected that, to stay thin, stars do more than push ups and sit ups; they smoke. If not for cigarettes they would want to chew and, ultimately, swallow vast numbers of calories. Since no one wants to actually eat a cigarette, there’s little chance of cigarettes leading to weight gain. Thanks to fancy e liquids, however, a number of buff stars have found a way to keep their svelte figures without going crazy from hunger.

Sean Penn and other Hunky Stars

Two examples are Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson. There are doubtless more such individuals who have become addicted to nicotine or who have used cigarettes (and now e cigs) as a way to curb cravings while slimming down for a role. Maybe Penn and Pattinson smoked to alleviate nerves, not cravings, but whatever the case, they have both been spotted on camera vaping. In fact, neither man tries to hide his interest in e cigs. They are acceptable on camera and off.

Johnny Depp

His turn with an e cig on The Tourist might have been the earliest on-screen introduction of vaping. Depp’s character was able to vape inside a train. Since the filming of this movie, he has also developed an ongoing taste for electronic cigarettes.

The Long-Term Benefit of Celebrity E Cig Use

Seeing an actor, actress, or musician vaping is like watching an endorsement for the industry. Many of these individuals have experienced similar heart break and struggle as they tried to quit or experienced personal loss due to smoking-related cancer. Their experiences are no different from those of non-celebrities, yet they somehow resonate further and have more impact than the usual story. This is because their stories are heard by so many more people.

As such, celebrity vapers have the opportunity to express their appreciation of this industry and to inspire others to give up their smoking habits in favor of e cigs. Some celebrities even have influence among politicians, which could inspire leniency around vaping regulations.




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