DNA 50

When vapers talk about DNA, they are not interested in genetics and double helixes or figuring out why their kids’ eyes aren’t the same color as theirs. DNA, in the vaping world, refers to a revolutionary product by Evolv: a computer chip for e cigs. Their “Kick” can be attached to a mechanical mod while internal chips come already fitted into various styles of device.

DNA Chips

A DNA chip, when inserted into an electronic vaping device, gives its owner the ability to alter wattage rather than setting volts. When your e cig is a variable voltage model, you have to know the atomizer’s resistance and that means measuring it on an ohms meter before attaching the coil, at which point your e cig might or might not also register the ohms. Then you have to set voltage according to a mathematical chart.

With a DNA chip and variable wattage, the user chooses wattage but the chip reads the atomizer’s resistance, enabling it to select a compatible voltage level. The Evolv chip operates at a low temperature to remove one threat that hangs over vapers: that of overheating their devices and causing melt down. It also protects the e cig against reverse polarity (inserting a battery upside down), an overheating battery, overcharge, short circuit, and more.

In particular, as DNA chips become more advanced, they accept coils with lower and lower resistance. At one time, just dipping below 1 full ohm was risky. But today if you have the right technology, like a DNA chip, your box mod might have the capacity to handle 0.2 ohms.

DNA Numbers

At first it was amazing to have a product that could switch between voltage and wattage, like an Innokin MVP, JoyeTech eVic, or a Volcano LavaTube. The top number might have only been 15, but that was an improvement over nothing at all. Then there was the DNA 20 followed by a 30-watt chip. Now you can find DNA 50 mods online and in certain e cig shops. These are classed as mods, but they differ from mechanical mods because circuitry allows you to adjust output rather than relying on the size of a battery, atomizer coils, and airflow control.

Finding a DNA 50 Mod

Now that you know what a DNA 50 is, how do you find one? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Most box mods fitted with a DNA are rated to 30 watts, no higher. There are a few and they sometimes contain DNA 50 clones: not the real Evolv deal. The most common and reputable clone is a Yihi SX330 from China.

DNA 50 Mods

Here are two such devices: the IPV and the Sigelei. Both of these box mods are getting solid ratings from consumers. They have been tried and, in each case, modifications have led to improvements to overall performance and durability.


With its spring-loaded 510 threading connection, the IPV box mod is compatible with numerous types of RDAs, RBAs, and tanks. A battery flap at the back provides instant, easy access to the removable power source. Choose a coil rated 0.2 ohms to 3 ohms. The LED screen/OLED display will show you resistance and voltage as the chip reads them. An 18650 battery is sold separately.

The Sigelei

The name “Sigelei” already has an established reputation among e cig users, so you will probably feel confident choosing one of their DNA 50 mods. It has most of the same features as the IPV, only differing in color and perhaps internal organization.

One Last Product: Not a Box Mod

Everything I said above refers to the DNA as a box mod, but there are also tube mods featuring these tiny computer chips. One such item is the Cloupor 50 watt Tube Mod: a T5 as it is known. Cloupor is well loved by herbal and wax vapers but becoming better known to e cig users as well.

What Should a Consumer Pay for Technology?

As always, when you buy products made in China, they cost less than made-in-America devices. A DNA 50 product is likely to set you back less than $100, but that is without the battery and most of these are compatible with removable 18650 batteries. You will also need a 510-threaded tank (not hard to find if you don’t already have one) so the entire kit will probably cost about $150.