150 Watt

As if 100 watts wasn’t enough, and possibly too much, there are now 150 watt box mods waiting to be sold (many as pre-orders) to eager vapers. The only thing e cig designers were waiting for was firmware capable of doing what these items can do. They create monster plumes by operating with sub-ohms below 0.33. It’s amazing what technologists can dream up.

Brands of 150 Watt Box Mods

There are just a few models available at the moment, or they will be when shipments arrive. The other way to enjoy the technology available to you is to build a box mod yourself using specialist shops and ordering parts to accommodate stacked 18650 batteries, purchasing a 150 watt chip, and selecting the other parts which combine to become your personal box mod design.

To be frank, sub-ohm vaping at 100 watts and even 50 watts is excellent. You can wrap to lower than 0.3 ohms in some cases and save yourself some money. Still, if you own a 100 watt box mod using dual batteries, it is internally ready for a firmware upgrade. Just update the chip, not the whole thing.

Cloupor T8

They started operating from China in late 2013 and wasted no time catching onto the box mod wave. Cloupor carries box mods and a tube-shaped device built with variable wattage firmware. The T8 is their 150 Watt Box Mod. A small screen sits top right on the box face.

You will notice organized clusters of holes around the box at regular intervals. These are vent holes which prevent the inside from overheating but are also pretty features. CPU temperature control also helps to prevent overheating. The chip also protects your battery from a variety of other potential mishaps, which is one reason it is so important. With this type of power in your hands comes the possibility of damage.

You have to remove batteries to charge them: there is no USB charge port. Don’t worry about screws though: this item comes with a magnetic cover to make life easy. Replacements are easy to come by too and available in several colors. Cloupor offers blue, black, red, and silver.

Select from 7 watts to 150 watts; 5.6 volts to 14 volts. Ohms capacity is 0.2 to 4.0. The chip is upgradeable to 200 watts. I didn’t think there was a need for 150 watts and can’t imagine what one would do with a 200 watt mod, but obviously the vaping market is curious to know how far this will go and is willing to pay to find out.

iPV3 by Pioneer4You

The iPV2 was no sooner released than Pioneer4You got busy with version 3. They look exactly the same. The only way to tell them apart is to open them up. Inside they will probably appear the same too since firmware becomes capable of more without enlarging. Three buttons and a screen share one narrow side. Black and silver are your two choices.

Nothing is said on the Cloupor site about having to build coils to extra-low resistance so as to achieve 150 watt resistance, but this instruction is given alongside the iPV3. Anything over 0.33 ohms will work with 150 watts. Resistance below this figure will yield sub-ohm success.

While the Cloupor T8 costs $99, an iPV3 costs $149.99. It is a protected device with an excellent screen and compatible threading. Attach your favorite RDA, Aspire tank, or whatever you like in the eGo/510 range. If it doesn’t look quite right, a collar will take care of appearances.

Buy a Box Mod

Lots of vape shops online and on the ground are carrying variable wattage box mods. Eciggity, Vaportek, and Vapor World are only three examples. If your shop doesn’t carry one, place a request. You won’t be alone.