100 Watt

Since 20 watt mods were released a couple of years ago, technology has been moving forward at a steady pace. Now it is quite feasible to purchase a 100 watt mod for about the same price as (or less than) a 20 watt mod from early 2013. Even 150 watt mods have been developed. Internal chips are staying the same size yet engineers make them capable of more. The following are three versions to consider.

About 100 Watt Box Mods

You will not find tons of choice in the 100 watt category, but Sigelei, SmokJoy, and Pioneer4You have all released their versions of the 100 watt mod. Each of these is a box shape rather than a tube mod: you find that as wattage goes up, it is harder to find tube-shaped devices. All of these items were made in China and require two 18650 batteries.

Sigelei 100 Watt Box Mod

For about $110, this is a reasonably-priced, compact mod (about the same price as the IPV3) from one of China’s best-known names in e cigs. Batteries are removable for charging as there is no port on the box itself.

With a 0.15- to 0.5-ohm coil on your atomizer, this will reach 100 watts. But if your coil resistance is over 0.5 ohms, you will achieve up to 50 watts. Make adjustments by 0.1 watt increments to 50 watts followed by 1-watt increments from 50 to 100 watts. The internal chip is a Yihi SX330 V3.

You can use any tank that fits an adjustable 510 pin (standard threading). Those include iClear, Evod, Aerotank, Protank, and Aspire tanks. This box mod comes with an extra pin, spare screws, and a screwdriver. Select black or silver.

IPV3 100W by Pioneer4You

As mentioned, the IPV3 costs around the same as a Sigelei and in most ways is the same. The chip is identical and can be upgraded. Resistance capability is equally low. The one major difference is a charging port built into the IPV3, meaning you can charge batteries without removing them.

SmokJoy 100 Watt

For about $149.99, you can own a serialized box mod available in loads of colors. It has an on/off switch and 510 threading as usual. That switch is important: being able to turn off a device means it will not be accidentally activated, thus wasting your battery as it sits in standby mode.

The risk of overheating is also reduced with a locking switch. An aluminum body makes this light, and dimensions are small. The SmokJoy OLED screen displays battery power, ohms, and current output. Maximum output is 13 to 16 amps.

Basic Features of Variable Wattage Box Mods

At these high wattage levels an internal chip is usually capable of many things. It will alert the user to overcharge, low voltage, and low battery charge. The screen will shut off and the entire box will turn itself off if a shorted circuit is detected.

The chips you find in 100 watt mods are removable and upgradeable so it is not necessary to buy an entirely new box mod when a new, more powerful chip becomes available. I cannot imagine why one would desire a 150-watt mod or greater, but there could be other features from the makers of these chips that further protect a device of enhance performance; perhaps increasing their efficiency.

Boxes enabled to 50 watts or more are compatible with sub-ohm coils. Low resistance keeps getting lower, and this means vapers can create dense clouds of vapor from juice whether it is high in vegetable glycerin or not. If the box shape is unappealing, there are numerous tube mods on the market as well, although they generally go up to around 50 watts or less.