Extreme Q

Arizer, maker of the Extreme Q Vaporizer, is manufactured in Canada. A lot of good machines come from north of the U.S./Canada border, including this; one of the best desktop digital vaporizers on the market.

It costs anything from $240 and up if you can get a deal, but do not be surprised by a $300 price tag without optional extras. Online vendors sell the Extreme Q at various prices or they add incentives for a given price like extra features or free shipping.

What Is in the Box?

Your device comes with two mouth pieces, two glass cyclone bowls, a spare screen, two balloon kits, a potpourri/oil dish, a remote control, one aromatherapy sample, and food-grade vinyl tubing. That is a lot of stuff for $240 when you are buying a tower vaporizer.

What Is in the Machine?

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is a convection device using a fan powered by mains electricity to circulate heat throughout herbs or to diffuse oil. There must have been complaints about the noise of their previous fan because the latest version is quieter. The heating element is made of ceramic material for quick heating: up to two minutes to reach your desired temperature.

Digital Technology

Use the Extreme Q Vaporizer at the controls or with the remote control. Set your temperature to precisely the number you want. Digital vaporizers allow you to choose a heat value rather than going with whatever the machine gives you, usually around 400F. Sometimes that is overkill for the dampness or intensity you want.

This digital device shows you what you have set the temperature to on the bright screen. The actual temperature is also shown. Set the fan to one of three settings to change vapor density.

Other Features in this Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

All internal parts are behind a double wall of stainless steel housing in Midnight Chrome. This insulates your machine, keeping heat in, helping to speed the heating process, maintaining a uniform temperature, but also keeping heat from burning your hands.

You probably noticed the Extreme Q can be used with two different types of materials: oils or herbs. There are also two possible methods of enjoying vapor. The balloon bag option supplies one method of enjoying your tobacco or therapeutic herbs. You can also adopt the whip method, both of which function with the Extreme Q.

A cyclone bowl holds your herbs and is vertical. This design is supposed to provide even distribution of heat around your herbs or oil. Arizer chose all materials with safety in the back of their minds, electing to use a ceramic heating element and glass parts because they are inert and non-toxic.

Thoughts about the Extreme Q Vaporizer

Take some comfort in choosing the Extreme Q over other models by looking at who sells it. A lot of general suppliers carry this model and just about everything else. Certain companies prefer to carry only the best, like Arizer. There are other options, but you get vapor quality from the Extreme Q Vaporizer for a low price.