Consumers like the convenience of walking around with items they used to have to plug in, like telephones and laptops, for example. Portable devices such as iPods allow individuals to email one another and check the internet without being tied to a desktop computer.

Cell phones keep individuals connected when they are away from home. Handheld vaporizers provide similar freedom to consumers who enjoy vaporizing dried herbs and essential oils. Is there still a place for desktop items?

Desktop Vaporizer Online

Thanks to online vendors, the wide selection of machines for vapers is available from that internet-connected iPod, laptop, or desktop computer. As you can see, they come in just a few shapes, only a handful of colors, and are all plugged into a power source. Desktop vaporizers are usually large, too big to take on the road and use in the car, but sometimes they can be altered for portable use.

Why Choose Big Vaporizers?

Where models are big and awkward, why would someone even want to own a vaporizer that must always sit on a table? One reason is that they produce more vapor than handheld equivalents. Another is that corded vaporizers can be relied upon to produce consistent vapor and warmth for as long as you want. Handheld items rely on their batteries or oil tanks which run out after two or more hours.

Big vaporizers might come with more pieces, though not always. Some are hybrid mods: used hands-free, with a whip, with a balloon, or a mixture of the three.

What are the Latest Desktop Vaporizers?

An Arizer Extreme Q brings you that choice of draw methods: direct or bag. At around $200, it is not a cheap product, and it only comes in black. But, it is not portable and, thus, not a fashion accessory.

Color isn’t a big deal. The latest version is a little smaller but just as powerful, more efficient by half, the fan is quieter, and a ceramic heater reaches your ideal temperature quickly using triple sensors.

Set temperature remotely with a handheld control. A kit contains two balloons, a micro whip and three-foot whip, extra mouthpieces, a potpourri dish, and several other parts.

Da Buddha by 7th Floor costs about $150 less than the Arizer Q. It’s a 120v vaporizer using a standard whip. The housing is solid aluminum for safety against over heating. The ceramic heater is present here too for clean vapor and fast heating.

A VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer takes you into another price realm at over $400. This slim black tower creates thick vapor from an all glass path. All glass vapor pathways do not leach any unusual tastes or smells which will negatively influence your vaping experience. Expect to see your device reach maximum temperature more quickly than most desktop competition.

The Zephyr Ion Bag Plug in Desktop Vaporizer sits between the cheaper and most expensive examples above, costing about $300. Made with stainless steel and mesh, the ceramic heater is completely enclosed.

Apparently, a problem some vapers have is that air flow and heating coils come into contact with each other to produce poisonous fumes as well as vapor. To prevent this, the Zephyr Ion features 32 heat and air channels so they never cross paths.

The Zephyr comes with a USB cord, two bag-valve sets with mouthpieces, seal washers, replacement bags, screens, and more. It runs at 110v to 120v or 50/60HZ with a temperature range from 100F to 440F.

Vaporizer Fans

According to vaporizer retailers, there are pros and cons to having a fan-powered vaporizer. A fan pushes vapor towards you, assisting it into your lungs and reducing the effort of inhaling. That is great if your lung power is undermined by disease or you aren’t very fit. Consumers who prefer their vapor to be “diluted” by more air also appreciate a fan.

Fans, however, are also a bit noisy, or they can be. A lot of design changes focus on making fans quieter, so the latest version of a fan-powered vaporizer is sure to be described as quieter than the previous version.

Yet, consumers can often set the fan speed on a vaporizer so it only runs as the lowest setting for a bit of assistance, which is very quiet and does not dilute the vapor strength.

Buying Vaporizers

You are probably going to buy your vaporizer online, and for that you want to visit a store with some reputation behind it. Free gifts are not as important as warranty. Several of these items come with three-year warranties applied to the heating mechanisms. Compare warranties between websites before checking out shipping prices.

Also, vaporizer retailers sell boxed kits but also their own packages with certain pieces thrown in. Look at the list before saying one price is better value than the other. While one company gives customers a grinder with every vaporizer, another replaces gifts with free shipping.