Best Clearomizer Tanks

You have probably heard a lot of different things regarding tanks, cartomizers, and clearomizers. Everyone has their own opinion, however tanks can be a rather touchy subject when it comes to personal experience.

Basically, clearomizers and cartomizers are tanks used for vaping with Advanced Personal Vaporizers (or AVP’s). They are the part of the unit that holds the liquid, and contribute to the vapor production and flavor of the process.

Clearomizers and Cartomizers are all based on the same concept, however there are differences that equate to performance variances.

CartomizersCartomizers are tank systems that contain filler material on the interior, wrapped around the heating coils. They are generally not the top choice among users who vape heavily, and some find that they do not produce the same level of quality in flavors as Clearomizers. Benefits of Cartomizers however, are that they are easy to refill and they are very affordable.

Clearomizers, as you may have taken note from the name, are clear tanks, made of either pyrex glass or polycarbonate plastic. Clear tanks give the benefit of being able to view your level of liquid at all times.

These devices use coils to transfer the e-liquid to the wicks for heating, and they can be either top coil or bottom coil configurations. Clearomizers generally have a larger capacity than Cartomizers, and those who swear by them claim they offer the best flavor. However, they tend to be more costly than Cartomizers.

Tanks can be found all across the e-cigarette market, with a large range of quality. Choosing between top coil and bottom coil tanks can be tricky for some, and for many vapers, they hold absolute opinions about which style is better.

While there are many popular types and models, not all are superior. What every user essentially is looking for in a tank is excellent performance, an absence of leakage, and the ability to handle liquid and allow great flavor to come through.

Kanger TanksThe Kanger Protank and Kanger Evod tanks are considered by many to be some of the best available, however they are not without flaws.

The Protank models have run into issues such as producing burnt flavor, which is often a result of the wick and the coils of the ProTank, because the excess pieces of wick interfere with the performance of the coils. Another problem is leaking; Kanger’s tanks are known to have this issue.

When choosing among tanks, right now VaporZone is producing some of the market’s best offerings. Because they were designed to target many of the problems seen with the majority of tanks that are commercially available, they were truly designed to surpass in performance.

If you are looking for the best bottom coil clearomizer, such as one that compares to the Kanger Protank 2, the VaporZone Platinum Clearomizer Tank is an ideal option. It features a large 2.5 ml tank, and it was designed for the heaviest use.

It’s a spacious tank, engineered for supreme durability, and designed meticulously to avoid leakage. If you are looking for tank models that compare to the top coil Kanger Evod, the VaporZone Pro-L is an exceptional match. Designed for heavy use in a mid-sized tank, this top coil tank has 1.5 ml capacity. Both tanks are compatible with all 510 eGo style thread batteries.

When it comes to finding the right tank, you are faced with a wide range of options, so knowing what to look for, and knowing what the products offer will make things simpler. If possible, try out all the options, because when vaping with AVP’s one really important aspect is getting hands-on with the products, and experiencing them for yourself.