Best Advanced Vape Mods

Soon after discovering e cigs, you notice there is more to a smokeless cigarette than meets the eye. Disposables and starter kits you discover are only the beginning of a vast assortment of electronic devices, all of them used for the same purpose: vaping.

After mini cigs there are eGo cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, and mods. The purpose of higher-priced, more complicated devices is to get more enjoyment out of your vapor: greater throat hit and thicker vapor.



Box Mods

VaporFi Vox 50 Mod*NEW* VaporFi Vox 50 Mod – High End

This is a new item from the every evolving brand Vapor Fi.

It is a cutting edge box mod capable of 50 watts, with a number of great features.

Features include: variable wattage option from as low as 7 watts, up to 50, an OLED digital screen, an oHm resistance meter, and temperature protection.

Price: $200


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Innokin iTaste VTRInnokin iTaste VTR

This is a beautiful box mod from Innokin with a unique shape.

It has a special tank set up that rotates to help protect the tank.

This runs on an 18650 battery, and has the following features:

  • Variable wattage from 3.0-15.0w
  • Variable voltage from 3.0-6.0v
  • Protection from short circuiting
  • Reverse battery protection
  • eGo/510 threading
  • 3 digit display that shows Wattage/Voltage, Ohms and the voltage output of the atomizer.

Price: $88



Cana DNA 30 Variable Wattage ModCana DNA 30 Mod

This is a nice piece for anyone looking to get a 30 watt device, with a nice finish, available in different colors, and a nice price point.

It is crafted with aluminum, the variable wattage option (7-12w) and is 510 threaded.

Price: $75

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Telescopic Vape Mods

Vapor Fi Rebel IIVaporFi Rebel II

This is a powerful tube mod with lots of extra features for the ultimate custom vaping experience for anyone who’s been around a while, and wants to really fine tune their vape.

It is powered by a 1600 mAh battery, and has numerous features, including:

  • Telescopic adjustments for use with either a 18350 or 18360 battery
  • Variable Voltage from 3.0-6.0V
  • Variable wattage from 3.0-15.0w
  • Adjustable juice-flow
  • Digital display that shows voltage and wattage
  • Dual coil tank
  • Reverse battery protection

Price: $180

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Tube Mods

South Beach Smoke ThunderSouth Beach Smoke Thunder

This is a nice powerful, and yet rather simple advanced tube mod.

It is pen-shaped, although it is larger than a standard sized eGo.

Features a variable voltage battery and an adjustable airflow tank.

Price: $100


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itaste 134iTaste 134

This is a monster variable wattage device from the well known brand Innokin.

It is a larger sized device, not for someone trying to be discreet, as it stands over 5.5 inches tall!

Features wattage adjustments from 6.5-12.5 watts.

It is a beautiful device, and has a color coded battery life light, and a few features designed for battery protection and to avoid short circuiting.



Advanced E Cig Mods

The last two categories are sometimes combined into one, and other times they are separated. An advanced mod frequently refers to an e-cig with control features set by using one or more buttons.

A mechanical mod, while advanced, has no such features but can be rebuilt and adapted mechanically. The atomizer is designed to be taken apart, for instance.

Often these are more expensive than APVs and eGos because they are created in small batches and made from brass, titanium, or single rods of stainless steel.


Some e-cig companies market their own mods alongside proprietary gear like chargers and liquid and as alternatives to their own lower-level devices. Many makers start with eGos and stop at APVs. Companies such as SmokTech, Innokin, and JoyeTech all make variable voltage devices.

Why Vary Voltage?

Most devices come with batteries that are regulated or unregulated, but their output is not changed by the user. Typical voltage is 3.7 volts or 4.2 volts.

Being able to vary voltage, possibly even wattage, gives the user an advantage. When considered against the resistance of a tank, this means you can choose a ratio of voltage to resistance that best suits the viscosity of e-liquid.

Vapers often find that when they choose a particular brand of liquid, the settings are different than when they vape on another brand of e-liquid. It has to do with how much propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin has been used to create the vapor and throat hit of a product. A range of up to 6 volts could be worth paying for when you start to recognize subtle differences achievable via e cig technology.

What Do APVs Look Like?

There are two familiar types of APVs: the box-style unit and the pen. An MVP by Innokin looks like a little radio with a mouthpiece sticking out of one side.

Something similar would be the Gripper with an ergonomic design.

A pen resembles other, non-adjustable vaporizers. It is cylindrical, features a tank and a battery, and comes with a mouthpiece.

On either of these devices, dials or buttons are used to set the figures you want and a screen shows the numbers. These include your desired voltage or wattage and the measurements you are getting. Sometimes a spinning dial is attached to the bottom of your battery: what is known as a “spinner.”

More Features

Another thing you notice about APVs is that they possess even more details besides voltage variation. Vapor Zone, for instance, creates products that show you how much life remains in your battery and how many puffs you have taken.

The MVP and other similar units are compatible with software so you can create reports of how you use the vaporizer: how many puffs you take per charge, the voltage setting you prefer, and more. Certain devices have default settings so you don’t have to change the output: your APV starts at that point as soon as you turn it on.

Battery protections typically built in include over-charge and reverse battery protection.

Paying for Privileges

Unlike basic and eGo starter kits, advanced e cig mods frequently come in a package with only the control unit, maybe a battery, perhaps everything you need. Sometimes a supplier will create multiple kits so you have the choice to buy only the controller, or a controller plus compatible tank. A single battery might be all you want. A spinner typically costs $25 to $35. Expect to pay at least twice that for a Gripper, SmokTech Magneto, et al without tanks.

Prices can be steep. The Rebel by Vapor Zone is an inexpensive example of a telescopic mod with a tank and battery costing about $180. Some JoyeTech units cost less and so does the MVP, but the Rebel is telescopic; that is, it supports two sizes of batteries.